CPI Cooperative Print 400
Impressive Client/server Print Solution

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CoPrint 400 are a Client / Server solution to print information of the IBM AS/400 in PC Windows Printers, with high quality, flexibility and functionality.

CoPrint 400 allow to the traditional Applications (your programs) of the IBM AS/400 to print Rich Text / Graphic forms of pages in any Windows compatible printer.

How it Works

CoPrint works according to the outline Client/server that is based in that the work is carried out in two different but connected computers, where each one of them contributes the best thing of yes to obtain a result.

Direct or *Server operation

To allow total  integration with the AS/400, CoPrint can be begun from PC or from AS/400, and the process order can contain parameters indicating the tasks to carry out, just as processing a "script" (group of you order of impression) or to act as "remote" Server of impressions.

It lists Summarized of Functions of CoPrint:

Cooperative Print 400 are a product created by CPI Software

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