API Office CPI. Excel and Word in AS/400.
Created by CPI Software

API Office CPI is a Client/server tool, using AS/400 and PC Windows programs. The objective is to allow an intelligent use of the environment MS-Office in AS/400 IBM environment.

API Office generates Documents Excel and complete Word from any Spool or from any File, and with rich options of decoration, sizes and functionality. Believe documents completely formatted without needing later treatment.

Automatic converter of Listings to Excel & Word
API Office Converts Any Listing - Spool - of AS/400 in completely formatted Excel (Sizes, Colours, Borders, Fonts, ...), automatically and just by defining some behaviour rules. Same with Word.


also Automatic Word Documents (As Excel) from any Spool or File.

Generate Complete Documents automatically Excel and Word:
- From any Listing - Spool of any Application.
- From any File of Databases.
- From any program source, with special APIs.

To modernize the Current Applications?
Without Changing anything? 
Easy with API Office.

CoPrint 400
Complete the Renovation of Applications using CoPrint 400 and transform Listings into Graphic Impression and Forms, eliminating pre-printed forms.

Creates Excel with complete personalization

From programs (or Listings, or Files) AS/400 many activities of Excel spreadsheet can be ordered of I Calculate, including diverse typical of Design, for what is not completely necessary that you/they are defined in the sheet of I Calculate previously certain values. In fact it is possible to order the elaboration of a sheet from 400 without previously it has been defined, (new document) since they can be ordered actions dynamically as:

- Change of Font, size, boldface, italic, underlined, centred, etc
- change Colours so much to characters as thoroughly (p.e. Total)
- Size change to wide of columns, even automatic size
- Change of options of Edition for numeric fields
- Background and Borders surrounding in several ways and colours
- Insert of Lines (insert of n details before a total, p.e.)
- Elimination of Lines and Columns, as well as text boxes.
- Movement of Values to Cells, Ranges, Cells with Name. Text boxes,
- Movement of you Formulate Excel to Cells (for End user, p.e.)
- Establishment (even with variables) of heads and feet (6 data)
- Order of Horizontal or Vertical Impression depending on width
- Order that Excel is visible/hide/minimized.
- Order that Excel is Open or Close when finish,
- and so on

Word Documents with complete personalization

The Word documents can be created with total design freedom, it is only necessary to identify in the document the data ("fields") that will fuse from the Listing or File.
This way, it is very easy and quick to create documents for massive and custom shipping, just as letters, circular, contracts, etc.
If later you  decides to change the type, colour, text etc of any document, this doesn't interfere with the work of API Office, since their work is "only" to identify the fusion data and to stuff them.

The documents Word created with API Office can also be connected automatically with iFAX, to carry out massive and automatic shipping for FAX.


(c) CPI Software 1996. Up-to-date to: 29-May-2002